It all starts with the why?

AccountKit exists because we as Accountants love cloud accounting and what it's been able to do for us both in a professional and personal sense, but we were fearful of leaving behind our old tools and making the journey to a cloud based practice. With cloud accounting, automation and outsourcing presently dominating the changes in the accounting industry, we wanted to find a way to streamline the tasks that the everyday accountant is faced with, whilst adding value to the services that we currently offer our clients and in doing so alleviate some of our own concerns along the way. We decided to get what we want, we’ll have to build it ourselves and so the AccountKit journey began.

Paul & Paula cooking up a storm with Masterchef Julie Goodwin at our staff retreat.

Paul & Paula cooking up a storm with Masterchef Julie Goodwin at our staff retreat.

AccountKit is specifically designed for accountants and bookkeepers looking to take that next step into the foray of the modern cloud based practice. We have investigated the pain points of our firm and other associated practices and measured that against the future of the industry as a whole to come up with a list of tools to streamline those areas whilst also bringing back a little joy into the mundane.

If you’re anything like us, many of you would be using a multitude of online and desktop tools combined with custom spreadsheets and templates. So we’ve taken a bunch of those tools and combined them all into one magical package – but that’s far from the end though, as we have many other tools we're keen to move online and other cloud providers we want to connect with which we will do in concert with you over the years to come while our roles as accountants, advisers and bookkeepers continue to evolve and diversify.

Personally we will continue to run our own accounting practice in the background, for we believe it keeps our feet firmly grounded within the accounting world enabling us to spot and move with the trends as they arise. It also enables us to internally test and evolve any of our tools before we release them out into the wild ensuring what you receive is polished and well tested. It's not to say that we will nail it first time every time, but you can rest assured that what you will get has been stress tested in an everyday practice not much different to your own.

Exciting days ahead, for all of us.

Paul & Paula Murray