What is AccountKit?

AccountKit is a set of cloud based tools branded to your practice colours for connecting your
client information, streamlining your day to day processes
and bringing visibility to your team. 

Check out the video for a quick wrap-up...


The Tools within your AccountKit

The tools that come within your toolkit fulfill a number of roles within your practice which logically fall into
a number of distinct categories. Each of these lists will continue to grow over time based on your feedback
about the pain points within your business.



  • Mail Register
  • Important Document Register
  • Correspondence Register
  • Professional Development Register


  • Client Map [Beta]

future & super

  • Compounding Super
  • Retirement Calculator


  • Inter-Entity Loan Reconciliation Tool
  • Equipment Finance
  • Simple Loan Calculator
  • Flexible Loan Calculator
  • Extra Loan Repayments

Customise AccountKit to your Practice

Make AccountKit your own with your practice colours and logo
being applied across the user interface and reports.


Integrations that make sense...

Effortlessly share information via the cloud between other core platforms,
reducing duplicated information and streamlining your day to day operations.

This is only the start as we continue to branch out and connect to other cloud
providers over time.

AccountKit has empowered us to start the transition to a cloud based practice, alleviating the fear we had as a practice of leaving the old way of doings things behind us in excel, APS and a variety of other tools.
— Paul Murray - Murray Business Solutions & Founder of AccountKit