Our Integration philosophy

Integrating with like minded add-ons is a key to making our practices efficient as we share information between each platform reducing doubling handling of information, scope for error and increasing visibility for our teams. If you believe you have a value offering for accountants or if you're an accountant and would like us to evaluate an integration you believe would add value, dive to the bottom of the page and send us a message.

AccountKit integrates with Xero Practice Manager to share information about your clients for use within the various tools within our toolkit. Changes within AccountKit are reflected back in Xero Practice Manager and vice versa. Integrating the two couldn't be more simple - a button push synchronizes all client information, then you're up and running. Simple!

Xero is beautiful accounting software for the small to medium business. AccountKit connects to Xero for displaying your key practice financials on the dashboard and facilitates other tools such as our inter-entity loan reconciliation tool and equipment finance calculator for streamlining the interest entries and checking of balances throughout the year. See here for more details about our integrations.

Corporate Messenger is your cloud solution for Corporate Compliance and ASIC administration. AccountKit integrates with Corporate Messenger to give you a snap shot of all current corporate compliance matters without leaving the dashboard. See at a glance upcoming annual reviews and status of ASIC payments and lodged documents.

Become an integration Partner

If you believe that you have a valuable add on that will help accountants and bookkeepers be better at any element of their job, drop us a line so we can talk about how we could potentially work together.

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