AccountKit now integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, SuiteFiles and more.

By: Paul Murray, Posted on: October 30, 2017

We’re big on centralising important business information and minimising double-handling—it's why we created AccountKit in the first place. As part of our ongoing commitment to improve efficiency within cloud-based accounting practices, we’re pleased to announce that AccountKit now integrates with SuitefilesDropboxGoogle DriveBox and OneDrive.  

Our users told us they wanted this integration feature and we listened, so we’re thrilled to roll it out in our latest update.

AccountKit users can now link files within these document management systems and link documents to entities, bringing an added level of convenience and time saving. Linking back to source documents from our registers saves time digging through folder structures to find things.

Because the integration with AccountKit is the same for the user regardless of the platform, you can connect through to multiple document management systems (DMS) at the one time. It’s a unified approach that makes things easier for our users.

Here’s how it works across a variety of AccountKit practice tools.

Mail Register

Scan documentation and link to each mail register entry by dragging and dropping. Or, upload from your local drive. This way, you can always see at a glance what document was sent, by whom and when.

Important Document Register

We know that accountants store important client documents in a filing cabinet or fireproof safe, especially documents such as wills, land title specifics and EPAs. It’s frustrating to rifle through paperwork looking for a relevant contract or document, only to find it’s gone AWOL.

Now, with AccountKit’s DMS integration, it’s easy to have all the important client documents at your fingertips, no matter where you are in the world. By scanning all your important documents and saving them in the relevant client file, anyone with access can find the documents on the screen without having to dig up the original file.

Correspondence Register

This tool is used to record any correspondence with clients such as meetings, phone calls or emails, enabling anyone in your team to access the latest client information. Using the DMS integration you can link back to a source document such as a capital gains calculation workpaper as a reference document against the phone call or meeting notes.

Default Folders

Default folders, as the name suggests, let you specify the location where each specific client document will automatically be saved on a per client basis. Simply drag and drop client documents onto the screen. If you have not yet set a default folder, locate and select the folder by clicking ‘set default folder’. All future documents for that client automatically go to their default folder - no more browsing through your directory structures to find the right place to save.

Professional Development

You can save a PDF of the certificate confirming the CPD hours of your team against the training entry. Because multiple employees can be added to any listing, anyone who participated will then be able to enjoy access to that document. Your team will be thankful when they’re asked to account for the PD hours they’ve incurred over the past three years.

Save to PDF or Excel

You can export client structure diagrams, equipment finance schedules or franking registers to PDF or Excel, then upload them to the applicable client folder.

More features coming soon

Over the coming months we will finalise functionality to save PDF reports or Excel files directly to your DMS from within each of the tools. You’ll be able to link back to source documents from within tools like the equipment finance or inter-entity loan tool.

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