AccountKit Update - January 2020

By: Paul Murray, Posted on: February 1, 2020

With the new year comes new beginnings as we all think about better ways of doing life - whether it be self-reflection on what’s most important to us, or looking to break routine and change the way we run our businesses, commencing 2020 presents us with opportunity for change. Here at AccountKit there’s always something new happening behind the scenes which we hope will inspire you to assess how even the small things can have a great impact on how we work. That is the topic for this product update.

The Client Notes Register

Sometimes you need a permanent note on record for a client or client group that all team members need access to while carrying out their day to day tasks. Often it is tacit knowledge held by the long-standing employees that a new admin team member can’t possibly know about. Thereby resulting in errors being made inadvertently, simply because the information is not made available where needed. An example could be that for a specific client group "All invoices are to be sent to" or “Send SMSF financials to personal email, not business email”. The client note register is all about saving these adhoc notes in the one place, but which can be referenced from within tools as and when required - As a starting point you’ll find the client notes within each detailed client page, mail register and correspondence register.

How do you use it?

  1. Here we can see client notes within the client detail page for Bull Antics Pty Ltd.

  2. Then as you record a mail register entry or take a phone call, it will pull in the client's notes relevant to that client plus give you the opportunity to add, edit or remove notes from the very same spot, rather than having to return to the client detail page to make any required changes. Here you can see we’ve started a correspondence register entry for Bull Antics and immediately I can see the available notes.

  3. If required I can then add a new client note where I can also elect to make it specific just to the current entry, which then updates the client record.

At any point you can review all client notes within the entire practice or by family group by heading to the Client Notes Register under the action menu on the people / client list page within AccountKit.


Document Management Integration Upgrades

If you have a document management system integrated with AccountKit (such as Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, SuiteFiles, Nimbus Portals) we’ve added some great new functionality to bring more information to your fingertips and minimise the clicks in your day. The way we’ve facilitated this is through the following simple additions.

Wherever you see the DMS icon across AccountKit, you now get a context-sensitive menu when you click on them. This gives you the ability to click through to the underlying client folder within the DMS itself (with exception to Nimbus Portals initially) or open a file browser window where you can set your default folders, upload files and the like.

Within the detailed client pages, you have direct access to the selected client's folder and files where you can preview or upload without ever having to leave AccountKit.

If you then head on in to the client group page, you will note there’s a new icon in the top toolbar that shows you all the folder structures for every entity within the group, all in one view. No more jumping between folders looking for files.


What Else?

The above covers off on the past few weeks, but unless you’ve been under a rock, there have been some awesome releases over the prior few months which you can see the detail of in our Latest Releases article. Here are the highlights:

  • Additions to the Correspondence Register - Save draft and autosave functions + Outlook 365 and Gmail integrations.
  • Improvements to the Inter-Entity Loan Tool - transaction filtering and bulk coding (kind of like cash coding in Xero)
  • New Division 7a Tool - Centralise and streamline a cumbersome process of calculating and building schedules for your clients Division 7a obligations.

  • Additions to the Client Map - Beautiful software maps with massively increased flexibility along with free draw for presentations to clients.

  • Client Filtering - Detailed client filters that can be saved and shared with your team.

  • Equipment Finance - New cashflow commitments report for providing to financiers or creating of cashflows for your clients. This is a summary version, but with the flick of a switch you can show all of the individual schedules as well, then export to excel.


The Road Ahead

We are super proud of the releases over the past few months, but there is still a lot on our lofty list of features and tools that we plan to build. We’ve been talking about more flexible comprehensive user permissions for a while now, so that’s high on the list along with integrations to GreatSoft and Class. You can also expect some further significant enhancements to the Client Map and in time, we’ll have some other exciting announcements to share as well.


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For more technical detail around the various updates, keep an eye on the Latest Releases area within the Help Centre.

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