What we’ve been up to: Xerocon and APIntel

By: Paul Murray, Posted on: September 19, 2017

What a busy few weeks we’ve had for the AccountKit team! Here’s what we’ve been up to recently.

APIntel: command your data, control your practice.

We kicked off Xerocon season with APIntel, (Accounting Practice Intelligence) a pre-conference event giving practice managers insights into making the most of cloud-based solutions for efficient practice management.

AccountKit founder and boss Paul Murray joined Business Continuum’s Tim Dowling and SuiteFiles’ Andrew Sims to share tips on using data insights for better practice management.

Paul’s presentation focussed on helping practice managers seek continual improvement.  “It’s important to always seek a better way of doing things” he said.

Paul says one of the best ways to enhance efficiency is to empower staff with the latest client developments.

“Making sure that staff have visibility of recent decisions, plans and advice can be tricky. Often, those having client facing discussions and correspondence with the client, need to find ways to efficiently brief others in the team. It’s about removing the effort and number of clicks required for everyone to get that information, meaning it’s more likely to be viewed and actioned.”  

Attendees learned how AccountKit help manage this common practice problem with its Correspondence Register, a practice tool that allows users to keep track of client communication, so that everyone on the team has access to the latest action points, decisions and developments with minimal clicks.  

Paul also showed off the Client Mapping Tool that creates impressive diagrams of client business structures and entity relationships. This allows better communication to team members and clients about how a full client group functions as a whole. It can be used as part of their financials or a proposed change of structure.  His key point was for cloud-based practice managers to ensure that every software solution should integrate (with full two-way syncing of data) with your current platforms, such as Xero Practice Manager, otherwise the double handling will waste time and undoubtedly result in costly errors.

Xerocon: an exhibitor’s perspective

Paul and Matt headed to Melbourne for Xerocon 2017 to showcase AccountKit to the delegates.

“It was great to meet people that I’d been chatting with on social media,” said Matt. “We met a lot of existing clients and triallers of AccountKit.”

It certainly was a busy two days. With many delegates determined to investigate as many exhibitors as possible, sometimes the AccountKit booth was twelve people deep with interested visitors.

“We didn’t attend any of the keynotes ourselves, and we naively expected that the exhibitor area would be quieter during keynotes, but this was not the case,” said Matt. “It was a little quieter but many delegates, especially those who’ve attended several Xerocon events, take the opportunity to skip the keynotes and visit the exhibitor area when it’s quieter. So, it ended up being quite busy at these times too. Though, we did have time for more in-depth presentations.”

Xerocon’s lanyard scanner tool was great for exhibitors. Basically, we could use the scanning program to scan visitors’ lanyards to add them to our database for follow up correspondence.

“During busy times, visitors wouldn’t wait to speak with us, they’d just grab the scanner themselves, scan their details and be on their way,” said Matt.

“In brief moments of quiet, I took the time to explore other exhibitor stands myself and learn more about the amazing cloud-based software solutions that are available. It’s important for us to know who else is in this space and ensure that AccountKit can integrate with them, if not now then in the future,” Matt said.

Getting the most out of Xerocon as an exhibitor

Our top tips for Xerocon exhibitors are:

  • forget about slipping off to presentations or workshops. You’ll be too busy—which is a good thing!
  • keep your stand manned as much as possible with two or more people and consider a ‘floater’ to cover break times for your core team
  • be ready to go first thing as delegates arrive early to check out a few stands before presentations, seminars and events begin
  • as much as the technology speaks for itself, this industry is still all about people so have experienced team on your stand who take time to talk to prospects about their pain points
  • you’ve made the investment so get the most value by preparing so that your team is ready to welcome delegates and answer their questions with confidence and authority

We had a great time at Xerocon 2017 and made plenty of great industry connections. We’ll definitely be back next time. Hope to see you there!

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