practice tools

ATO Lodgement Dashboard
Regularly upload via Excel your ATO lodgement list into AccountKit so you can track and compare your lodgement performance over the years whilst also comparing the ATO list with your own client list within AccountKIt.

NowInfinity Corporate Messenger Dashboard
See at a glance any upcoming Annual Reviews and other ASIC related documentation that needs actioning.

Mail Register
Keep track of all incoming and outgoing mail within your practice, and where relevant, attach it to the relevant client or client group in AccountKit.

Professional Developer Register        Watch over your PD hours for your staff to keep abreast of their ongoing training requirements.

Important Document Register
Maintain an up to date list of all physical documents held for safekeeping – Whether it be client wills, trust deeds or certificates of title, our Important Document Register will ensure you know exactly what secure documents are being held in your office and who they’re being held on behalf of whilst also tracking whether they’ve been checked out or checked in at any point.

Correspondence Register
Keep track of your client communication and internal messages and map them to the relevant client / client group to ensure that your team is kept up to date with the latest correspondence that you’re having with your clients.

Client Map [Beta]
Build colourful business structure diagrams branded with your logo to help assist your clients visually understand how their business is structured. Speed up the process by using Xero Practice Manager to automatically prefill the necessary details of each entity into the structure diagram. They look great, they’re easy to follow, your clients and staff will love them!

Family group tools

loan & finance tools

Inter-Entity Loan Reconciliation Tool [Beta]
Create a link between Xero files to enable quick and easy reconciliation of inter-entity loans. Our Inter-Entity Loan Linker will cross check the opening balance, all transactions for a defined period for multiple Xero files, and enable you to recode various entries for multiple Xero files from the once place to ensure all of your inter-entity loans are in balance year round.

Simple Loan Calculator
Use our Loan Calculator to assist your clients with identifying what their loan repayments will look like and help them prepare before meeting with the bank.

Flexible Loan Calculator
This variation on the Loan Calculator enables you calculate any variable to a loan and generate a repayment schedule for your or clients to reconcile against over the life of a standard loan.


Automated Equipment Finance
Our equipment finance calculator allows you to enter the purchase of an asset and the associated finance that goes with it. Calculate the interest over the life of the loan and bring it and any interest amounts to account in Xero efficiently at  the click of a button or automatically. Automating a year end manual process across your practice.

Extra Loan Repayments
Demonstrate to your clients the savings to be had both in time and interest by making extra repayments against their home loan over the life of the loan all represented in a beautiful graph. You can then either email them to your client or simply attach them to the relevant client group for future reference.

Retirement Calculator
Help your clients plan for their retirement with our simple Retirement Calculator. Once you and your clients have worked out a budget of how much they’d like to live off when they retire, use our calculator to work out how much they need to contribute to super on an annual basis whilst dynamically updating the graph for a beautiful report that the client can then take home.

Compounding Super
Encourage your clients to contribute to super over their lifetime by showing them a simple graph of the impact of investing savings within super v’s out side of super over their lifetime. This is particularly good for young clients who don’t believe super is anything to worry about just yet.

future & super tools