AccountKit Workflow

Powerful workflow management built for accountants and bookkeepers. Capture all your practice’s tasks and see who’s working on what in a single, custom view with direct access to your clients files in your chosen document management system (DMS).

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Workflow View
Within a single click get oversight of all work in progress within your practice.
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Workflow List #2
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Workflow List #3
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Workflow List #4
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Complete Visibility, Practice-Wide

From compliance to internal work, capture all your practice’s tasks and see who’s working on what in a single view.

Build custom views so that you are only ever one click away from what's happening, with nothing slipping between the cracks.

Stay on Top of all your Essential Tasks

See all your priorities at a glance, plan your day's activities and tick off your to-do list within your Daily Plan as you go. Accessible from anywhere within AccountKit.

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Customise your Workflow

Create custom task types, views, status flows and roles to suit your practice. Save time and ensure consistency with flexible recurring task templates including embedded work instructions.
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Workflow Settings
Customise all elements of AccountKits workflow to match the way you work.
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Status Flows
Define your workflow statuses in line with how work moves through your practice.
Screenshot - Workflow - Settings03
Work Types
Define the different types of work you do for quick filtering & grouping.
Screenshot - Workflow - Settings04
Priority Flags
Create or update the predefined priority flags (optional)
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User Roles
Define User Roles for utilising as placeholders within workflow templates.
Screenshot - Workflow - Settings06
Practice Authorities
Define Practice Authorities for identifying what work you're authorised to do and assign users on repeating tasks.

Link your tasks

Create or link tasks from correspondence, client pages and any of the tools, so you're only ever one click away from the work being done.

Screenshot - Workflow - Linking2

Direct file access in your DMS

No matter which document management system (DMS) you use, you have direct access to the underlying client folder for managing the files associated with job at hand.

Power it up with the Advanced DMS option for Bulk Folder Creation, Document Templates, PDF editing and e-signing dashboards.

* Requires an Annature or FuseSign subscription

"I’m always singing AccountKit’s praises. With the time saved, it pays for itself."
Kerrie Flood
Gilroy Barnes & Associates

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