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AccountKit has four set pricing plans that allow base access for boutique practices through to large established firms.
On top of this, you can play with all tools up to a "Freebie" limit, before you pick and choose the additional tools you want to add to your firm's toolkit for a small extra cost per tool.

Every plan allows for unlimited users, so you'll never have to worry about your team's access as you grow - and you can test the waters with a 14-day trial.

The more tools you activate, the more you save.

Tools activated You'll save**
3 - 510%
6 - 820%

** Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and does not include extra client or Xero connection parcels






Base Access*
Get the basic access to your client information and integrations, then choose the tools you would like to add to your kit.
$44 Starting price p/month (AUD) Start FREE Trial $77 Starting price p/month (AUD) Start FREE Trial $132 Starting price p/month (AUD) Start FREE Trial $220 Starting price p/month (AUD) Start FREE Trial

Included in Base Access

Non-Individual Clients
(Individuals excluded from client count)**
up to 250 251 to 700 701 to 1600 1601 to 3500
Connected Xero Organisations***
60 (extra $22 p/block of 10) 140 (extra $22 p/block of 10) 260 (extra $22 p/block of 10) 380 (extra $22 p/block of 10)
Client Details
ATO Statistics
(AU only)
Business Name Register
Mail Register
Loan Calculators
Extra Loan Repayments
Compounding Super Calculator
Simple Retirement Calculator
Two-way Integration with XPM
Integrations with NowInfinity & BGL
Dashboarding and direct click through
Integrations with various DMS
(SuiteFiles, Nimbus Portals, Google Drive and more)
Integrations with MS Teams, Slack & Twilio
(For direct messaging and SMS ability)
  Show Tool Add-ons Show Tool Add-ons Show Tool Add-ons Show Tool Add-ons

Choose the tools for your toolkit

The more tools you activate, the more you save.
Price p/mo AUD Price p/mo AUD Price p/mo AUD Price p/mo AUD
Professional Development Register
$11 $22 $33 $44
Franking Account Register
(AU only)
$11 $22 $33 $44
Important Document Register
$22 $33 $44 $55
Correspondence Register
$33 $55 $77 $99
Fuel Tax Credit Calculator
(AU only)
$33 $55 $77 $99
Amortisation Scheduler
$44 $66 $132 $220
Client Map
$55 $88 $154 $264
Automated Equipment Finance
$55 $88 $154 $264
Inter-Entity Loan Reconciliation
$55 $88 $154 $264
Division 7a Calculator
(AU only)
$55 $88 $154 $264
Start FREE Trial Start FREE Trial Start FREE Trial Start FREE Trial

* For Subscriptions beyond 3500 clients, clients will be billed at $110 (AU) per extra 1,000 clients
** Client Count - to cater for individual heavy organisations, individuals are excluded from the client count
*** Xero Organisations - Extra connected Xero organisations are billed in parcels of 10 Xero Orgs for $22 (AU) per month

For prices in USD (rest of world) and NZD (New Zealand), contact us directly.

14 day free trial. Cancel any time. Unlimited users. No credit card required.
*All prices are in AUD and are inclusive of GST.

Frequently asked questions

How do you cater for extra large accounting practices?

Our flexible pricing structure caters for accounting practices with up to 3,500 non-individual clients. If you have more than 3,500 non-individual clients, please get in touch with us directly to discuss your requirements.

What happens when my trial runs out?

We'll remind you in advance that your trial is due to expire, so you’ll have plenty of warning. On the final day of your trial, you'll receive a message from us prompting you to enter your payment details and select the paid tools you would like to add to your toolkit. If you choose not to continue, you won’t need to take any action and your account will be deactivated automatically.

If you need a little longer to try out all of the fantastic tools that AccountKit offers please get in touch with the support team ( and we can work something out for you.

How will you select the pricing plan for our firm?

Our pricing is based on the number of active (not archived) non-individual clients within your database - this includes companies, trusts, corporate trustees, super funds and other entities. We use the non-individual client count to gauge the size of the practice and select the plan that’s right for you.

We don’t charge on a per user basis because we want to make it as easy as possible for multiple team members within your firm to use AccountKit. For more information, visit our pricing page.

If you’re currently trialling AccountKit, you can also find more detail on the practice settings page within the app itself. After a number of free uses of each tool, you then have the option to turn on and pay for those tools as and when you want to, meaning you can slowly expand the toolset as you become familiar with the tools on hand. If your client count exceeds the next plan threshold, we'll simply adjust your plan at the end of the next billing period.

What happens to my information in AccountKit once my trial expires?

We'll keep hold of it for a little while so you can decide if AccountKit is right for you. However, we'll only continue to store it if you sign up to a paid plan.

Why did you change the pricing model? I liked it the old ‘all you can eat’ way.

A number of factors contributed to the decision to change our pricing structure.

Firstly, we wanted to give firms greater flexibility to only pay for the tools they need, and greater choice over what combination of tools they use as part of their wider tech stack.

In addition, we wanted to make AccountKit more accessible for practices with high numbers of individual clients. Under the previous structure, individual clients were counted as part of a practice’s total client count and as a result, many were bumped up to higher pricing plans.

Will I have access to all AccountKit tools and functionality during my trial?

Yes! We want you and your team to get the most of AccountKit during your 14-day trial period. Once the trial is completed, you'll still be able to access all tools up to a threshold, after which you'll then have the option to start paying for the tools you want to keep using. Don't worry, we make it super clear how many freebies for each tool you have available to you and when you're due to run out.

Do I need a credit card to sign up for the trial?

No. You won't need to provide any payment details until the trial period is over or you update your subscription to paid - whichever comes first.

Do I need to commit to a plan upfront?

No. The base plan will be chosen for you based on the number non-individual clients in your client list. From there, you’ll be able to choose the tools you want to use.

I have another question.

You might find the answer here, or you can contact us with your query - we'd be happy to help!

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