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Every accountant we meet tells us the same thing. It’s hard to provide top notch advisory services for your clients when your time is eaten up with day-to-day admin. Every little efficiency gain makes a big difference, although it’s not just about time. With access to the right data and insights, you can help your clients’ businesses flourish - not to mention your own.

My wife (Paula) and I founded AccountKit in 2015 when we commenced the journey of transitioning our practice, Murray Business Solutions, from a pure server approach to a cloud / server hybrid with Xero Practice Manager and AccountKit at the centre of it all. We were looking for a better way to manage all of the spreadsheets and tools we use that weren't cloud based or connected with our client information and so AccountKit was created to tie our cloud solutions together and fill in the gaps that the other providers weren't touching. What we've found in talking with other accountants along the journey is that we all seem to suffer from the same pain points, so any ideas that we or our accounting comrades may have conveniently will usually go a long way to fixing issues that we as an industry are having.

While it's only early days, we're loving the efficiencies and opportunities that AccountKit is creating and are super excited about what is to come as we continue to build out our tools and integrations. The journey will never end, not so long as there are pain points within our practices.

Paul Murray,
Founder & Director of AccountKit

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