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Administration Tools

Practice management, simplified

Tools specifically made to assist with the administration of your practice. Track your team's work and stay on top of client interactions. Know where important items live and easily track your team's professional development. All the essential elements for running a modern practice.


Powerful workflow management built for accountants and bookkeepers

Manage all your tasks in one place. Easily create recurring tasks to save time, set reminders and connect projects across any team, client or client group.
Screenshot - Workflow _ List01

Powertip | Build custom views and share them with your team to get to what's most important to you.

Paid Addon

Correspondence Register

Keep track of all client phone calls, file notes, meeting notes, SMS and emails in one place. Standardise with practice-wide templates.

Integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Microsoft Teams and more.
Screenshot - CorrespondenceRegister

Powertip | Utilise text templates to standardise correspondence, calls and meeting notes.
Paid Addon
Connects with Outlook & Gmail

Important Items Register

Track the status of all important items such as client wills, trust deeds and land title certificates or even spare computers and car park swipes. 

No more guessing or embarrassing moments. Everything you need tracked in one place.Screenshot - ImportantItems

Powertip | Have a brain storm session to identify anything that is taken offsite and add to the list.

Included in base subscription

Knowledge Centre

Ensure your internal processes are captured and maintained in the same place that you do your work, boosting productivity through the retention of shared knowledge.

Screenshot - KnowledgeCentre

Powertip | Copy the link for any page and insert them into your workflow tasks. Presto! One click to get from workflow to the underlying process.

Paid Addon

Professional Development Register

Easily track your team’s training and professional development with a centralised view of all CPD hours and course information.

Capture the certificates of confirmation along with the relevant notes for sharing with the rest of the team.
Screenshot - ProfessionalDevelopment

Powertip | filter by an individual user to get a summary of hours for the selected period.
Included in base subscription
Compliance Tools

Day-to-day compliance made easy

A suite of tools to automate and streamline manual reconciliation processes. Free up your team for higher value work or boost the profitability of their jobs. Access reports for supplementing the consulting work you do for your clients, such as the Cashflow Commitments Report.

Inter-entity Loan Tool

Reconcile inter-entity loans between multiple accounts throughout the year. Automate matching of entries, direct click through to Xero for underlying transactions and journal the balance of unreconciled transactions.
Screenshot - InterEntityLoan

Powertip | Group your clients so you can see the loans across all entities in the group.

Included in base subscription
Posts journals direct into Xero

Equipment Finance

Track and automate equipment finance schedules in real-time. Build a finance schedule (either regular or irregular) and automatically post entries as well as reconcile throughout the year.
Screenshot - EquipFin

Powertip | Utilise cashflow committments report for preparing cashflows and delighting your clients.

Included in base subscription
Pushes interest journals direct into Xero

Amortisation Scheduler

Track amortisation of any income or expenses such as prepayments or black whole expenditure in real-time. Build a schedule and automatically post entries to apportion values throughout the year.
Screenshot - AmortisationScheduler

Powertip | Perfect for when you prepare interim reporting for clients.

Included in base subscription
Pushes apportionment journals direct into Xero

Franking Account Register

Centrally track franking account registers across all your clients’ companies.
Screenshot - FrankingAccount v2

Powertip | Use in conjunction with Division 7a for determining the franking percentage
Included in base subscription

Division 7a Tool

Centralise, simplify and streamline the creation of your Division 7a schedules. Automatically calculate interest and minimum repayments across any loan, and adjust easily.
Screenshot - Div7a

Powertip | Utilise the forecasting option to stratagise future dividend plans.

Included in base subscription
Pushes dividend and interest journals direct into Xero

Fuel Tax Credit Calculator

Automate the calculation of your clients’ fuel tax credit claims and stay on top of all FTC claims in one place.
Screenshot - FuelTaxCredits

Powertip | Each period, simply roll over the schedule for quick and easy setup.

Included in base subscription
Sync from Xero and extract volume from descriptions.
Consulting Tools

Client consulting, supercharged

Specialised tools designed to support your consulting opportunities, empowering you to delight and educate your clients.

Client Mapping Tool

Create, share and update visual diagrams of client business structures, software, processes or any diagram at all for your clients.

Any changes made to client information syncs instantly with Xero Practice Manager.
Screenshot - ClientMap

Powertip | Utilise proposed diagrams when you do not want to update your underlying client information.

Included in base subscription
Two way sync of client data with Xero Practice Manager

Simple Loan Calculator

Show your clients what they can expect to pay over the life of a loan with a simple graph to communicate the outcome.
Screenshot - LoanCalcSimple

Powertip | Duplicate a schedule and create variations for discussion with the client.

Included in base subscription

Flexible Loan Calculator

Enter basic finance details, then choose a variable to solve for. Then build a schedule to work from based on the solved outcome.
Screenshot - LoanCalcFlex

Powertip | Duplicate a schedule and create variations for discussion with the client.

Included in base subscription

Extra Loan Repayments

Show clients how much they could save (in time and interest) by making extra repayments on their home loan. 

Generate a beautiful graph and provide to your client in your practice colours.
Screenshot - EarlyRepayCalc

Powertip | Duplicate a schedule and create variations for discussion with the client.

Included in base subscription

Compounding Super

A simple tool you can use to start a conversation with your clients about investing in super, by visually demonstrating how they could benefit by making additional contributions over their working lifetime.
Screenshot - CompoundSuper

Powertip | Duplicate a graph and create variations for discussion with the client.

Included in base subscription

Retirement Calculator

Visualise clients’ retirement outcomes based on their individual circumstances, and start the conversation about broader financial planning opportunities.
Screenshot - RetirementCalc

Powertip | Duplicate a graph and create variations for discussion with the client.

Included in base subscription
"AccountKit is really the superhero of our workpapers. It supports us at the backend so we can support our clients."
Aly Garrett
All In Advisory

60+ 5-star reviews on the Xero App Store and counting

"We love what AccountKit brings to our tech stack. Technically, the professional team love the compliance and consulting features, and from an administrative point of view the feature rich CRM functionality helps to support our PM software quickly and efficiently. It has become our 'source of truth' for client data."
Headshot - RhiananHenderson
Rhianan Henderson
Practice Manager
"I just love this Xero add on. I only use it for the Equipment loans function It's true what others are saying it 'seamlessly' integrates and posts to Xero so you can do those super amazing up to date management reports if that's what you want. But even just basic compliance or when you need to pump out financials quick smart for the bank for those entities with multiple equipment loans, and high equipment asset turnover. Perfect. It saves me days and days of work."
Headshot - KatieSluka
Katie Sluka
Katie Sluka & Co
"I have been using account kit for about 3 months and already feel that I cannot live without it. The Fuel Tax Credit Calculator is my super favourite thing ever but I am giving the Correspondence Register and Inter-Entity Loan Tool a good bash too."
Headshot - KerrieFlood
Gilroy Barnes & Associates
Principal Accountant

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