AccountKit is priced on active clients with unlimited users.

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For the boutique firm

Up to 600 active clients

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For the small sized firm

Up to 1,500 active clients

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For the medium sized firm

Up to 4,500 active clients.

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For the large sized firm

Up to 8,000 active clients.

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*All prices are in AUD and are inclusive of GST.

if you have more than 8,000 clients, make contact with the Sales Team and let us work out a deal.   

Just a few questions first?

Do I need to choose an edition now?
No. Signing up for the trial will give you access to everything and you can select the applicable plan at the end (or during) the trial period.


What happens to the information I’ve input during the trial period?
It will still be there when you finish the trial period, even if your trial period runs out and your forget to renew. 


How do I activate the edition of choice?
You can either wait until the trial period is over when we will prompt you, or you can go into your practice settings and enter our billing portal to input your credit card details where the applicable subscription size will be suggested for you to confirm.


How do you select which bracket our firm fits into?
We just do a simple addition of the number of active (not archived) clients within your database at the end of each billing period and adjust the bracket accordingly. We’ll let you know when there’s a change coming though via a notification so that there isn't any surprises when you switch plans.


Do I need a credit card to sign up for the trial?
No. Your credit card information isn’t required until the trial period is over or you choose to formally activate your account through practice settings.


What happens when my trial period runs out?
We will give you plenty of warning leading up to that day. But when the day does come around, we will prompt you for your credit card details and the applicable version  that is suitable for your practice. If you choose not to go ahead, there’s no need to do anything, for your account will simply become inactive. 


How do you cater for extra large accounting firms?
Contact us at and we can discuss your options for a volume discount.


What do I do if I have more questions?
Feel free to drop us an email at and we’ll address any further queries you may have. Alternatively, you can always go to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) where we have answers to all sorts of questions.