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AccountKit helps busy accountants and bookkeepers ship compliance work 5 x faster.

Take your inter-entity loan , equipment finance and Div 7A loan reconciliations and more to the next level. This is high performance accounting!

These firms operate 5x faster with AccountKit

"With AccountKit, I’m so much more efficient. I can see things in real time and be a lot more proactive with clients, which they love."
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Jeremy Wotton

Director of JTW Accountants

Customer Testimonials

66+ 5 star reviews (and counting) on the Xero App Store
"AccountKit saves us hours each month with the Inter-Entity Loan Tool, Equipment Finance and especially the Div7A Tool at year end. I highly recommend AccountKit. Also, a bonus that the team are always happy to offer support."
Headshot - KirraSkelton
Kirra Skelton
HopScotch Accounting
"As a bookkeeper with lots of clients with multiple companies, the Inter-Entity Loan Reconciliation Tool is invaluable. It saves us hours each month and we wouldn't be without it. The fact that we can post matching transactions seamlessly is amazing!"
Headshot - KarenAndrews
Karen Andrews
Vivid Enterprise Solutions
"We've been using Account Kit for over 5 years and would be lost it. Div7A is sorted (no more manual spreadsheets), Client Maps make it much easier to walk clients through Structure Diagrams, and the lodgement tracking gives a great visual on how many tax returns are outstanding and helps keep your lodgement list up to date.
Shannon Patterson
Prescott Business Solutions

18+ compliance tools to help you complete work in minutes

AccountKit’s suite of time-saving compliance tools are designed to help you get compliance work done faster, easier and more collaboratively.

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Screenshot - Dashboard 2
Family Group
Screenshot - Dashboard 3
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Quick access to practice data so you can work smarter

AccountKit gives you quick insights with a variety of practice information at your finger tips.

From your teams daily plan, to client birthdays, through to your ATO lodgements, followed by your ASIC dashboards, including  your e-signing and financials dashboards. 

See all your work and communication in one place

Get a centralised view of all mail, client correspondence, e-signing, equipment finance schedules, client structures and more across each client group.
Screenshot - Client Group - 01 - Client List
Screenshot - Client Group - 02 - CorpComp
Family Group
Screenshot - Client Group - 03 - DMS
Screenshot - Client Group - 04 - E-sign
Screenshot - Client Group - 05 - Correspondence
Correspondence Register
Screenshot - Client Group - 06 - Workflow
Equipment Finance
Screenshot - Client Group - 07 - EquipmentFinance
Inter-Entity Loan
Screenshot - Client Group - 08 - ClientMap
Client Map
Screenshot - Workflow _ List01
Screenshot - Workflow _ List02
Family Group
Screenshot - Workflow _ List03
Screenshot - Workflow _ List04-1
Screenshot - Workflow - DailyPlan
Correspondence Register

Never miss a job again

Manage all your jobs and tasks in one place. Easily create recurring tasks to save time and standardise the way you do work. Then set reminders and connect projects across any team, client or client group.

Then use your daily plan to manage your day to day - no more hand written lists!

Integrates with your client list in Xero Practice Manager.

Make AccountKit your own

Showcase your brand by customising AccountKit with your practice's colours and logo.

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