How AccountKit helps Advise Accountants work smarter & provide better value to clients

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Dec 4, 2018 11:18:00 AM

Advise Accountants director Matt Sharwood sees his business as more than just an accounting practice. As someone who holds equity in a number of businesses, he knows first-hand how important it is to be a partner – not just a vendor – to clients.

That’s why he and the Advise Accountants team provide end-to-end advisory services that go above and beyond run-of-the-mill compliance to help clients reach their broader business goals. For Matt, time spent working with clients should be about quality, not quantity:

“Our view is that the more time we can automate admin and compliance work, the more time we can spend working on clients’ businesses,” he says.

With that in mind, Matt and co-director Erin Roughley were excited to dive straight into AccountKit’s suite of efficiency tools after receiving a recommendation from their Xero account manager.

The team now uses AccountKit to manage everything from fuel tax credit calculations and ASIC compliance to client maps, inter-entity reconciliations and correspondence registers.

Integrating with Xero Practice Manager makes it easy to automate and centralise key tasks when tax time rolls around. In particular, Erin says hire purchase agreements and profit and loss statements are faster and more accurate thanks to AccountKit:

“There’s loads of time saved with the HPs and review is so much easier,” she says.

Matt agrees that using AccountKit not only helps the team operate more efficiently, but ultimately empowers them to provide a better service to clients.

“Accounting firms shouldn’t be rewarded for their inefficiencies by charging clients for it. AccountKit helps us free up more time to spend with our clients and give them better value,” he says.

Having a suite of tools in the one place also ensures key information is streamlined and easily accessible. “Everything is in one spot, which is great – it’s not five different tools in five different apps,” says Erin.

For other accounting practices considering moving to AccountKit, Erin and Matt agree that personalised support makes the transition hassle-free.

“The support is awesome. They’ve been so good with getting back to us any time we have questions,” says Erin.

Looking forward, Erin, Matt and the team plan to use AccountKit in bigger and better ways to work smarter and offer even more value to clients.

“There’s still so much more we can do with our admin guys to free up their time using AccountKit. We plan to continue automating admin as much as possible.”

Want to see for yourself how AccountKit works? Sign up for a free trial, or join a webinar for a live demonstration of AccountKit’s key features.