AccountKit case study: Young & Grant Accountants Pty Ltd

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Aug 6, 2019 11:35:00 AM

Young & Grant Accountants is a Melbourne-based firm specialising in accounting, tax and business consulting for small-to-medium-sized businesses. Established by Ben Young and Bree Grant in 2009, Young & Grant now has 12 staff and will soon be moving to a bigger space to accommodate the growing team.

For Ben, utilising the right technology is pivotal to supporting the growth of the business and providing exceptional service to clients. That’s why he attended Xerocon last year with his sights set on AccountKit.  

 “We went to Xerocon last year specifically to check out AccountKit,” says Ben. “That was the app that we spent a lot of time researching and really wanted to look at. What I was hoping it would do – and what it has done – is solve some operational issues we had in our business.”

Critically, their old system only allowed them to store equipment finance schedules on their local server, which was causing accessibility issues for two offshore team members. 

“Those team members have been with us for two and a half years, and it was getting to the point where they needed to be more autonomous,” says Ben. “I hated the fact if we weren’t here for any reason and they needed a schedule, that stopped them.”

With AccountKit’s cloud-based Equipment Finance Tool, the whole team can now manage schedules from anywhere, at any time. Ben says they’ve also incorporated a suite of other AccountKit features into their day-to-day to streamline how they operate.

“One feature we didn’t know too much about but loved when we starting using it was the Correspondence Register. We integrate with Slack and use it as a central point for all our messages and meeting summaries.”

“We also use the Client Map Tool when working with clients so we can map out their whole structure for them and show them how it works.”

AccountKit = problems solved, greater efficiency and transparency

Above all, AccountKit enables the Young & Grant team to work smarter and more collaboratively, which translates to better client service.

“For us, AccountKit is all about solving problems and shared knowledge,” says Ben. “It enables any team member to jump in at any time to see what’s been actioned with a client and where things stand. It’s that openness and transparency that’s been a really big benefit. The time saved with the finance schedule especially has also been great.”

Ben also says that set-up was a breeze, and ongoing customer service has been great.

“It was so easy to set up – it just kind of happened and we didn’t have to do much! Recently, one of the features with Slack wasn’t coming through, and AccountKit were straight on the phone and fixed it no dramas at all. It was really good customer service, and they didn’t stop until it was done and fixed. Whenever we need something, it’s actioned immediately.”

Thanks to his positive experience, Ben was happy to recommend AccountKit to a firm he worked at before starting Young & Grant Accountants.

“That shared knowledge and efficiency would be a real benefit to any firm. I actually showed AccountKit to our old boss and ran through how it works, and I think they’ve signed up now as well!”


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