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What is AccountKit?

AccountKit centralises client and administration information into one location easily accessible by all staff members and will assist in all areas of your practice from administration and compliance to broader consulting. You can look forward to many new tools being developed over the years to come based on the priorities set by you, the accountant.

AccountKit integrates with Xero and Xero Practice Manager to reduce duplication of information and provide opportunities for tools that assist your day to day. Try Xero for free here.

With AccountKit and Xero, you can:

  • Have a central view of client information with direct links to integrations such as Xero Practice Manager, Xero, NowInfinity and BGL
  • Bring your own document management system by connecting the likes of FYI, Suitefiles, Sharepoint, GoogleDrive and more.
  • Get visibility of all work being done across your practice via AccountKit Workflow.
  • Create beautiful diagrams of client business structures and entity relationships, and sync these with Xero Practice Manager
  • Reconcile inter-entity loans across multiple Xero organisations
  • Automate data entry and reconciliation of equipment finance schedules
  • Build Division7a schedules in seconds, posting dividends and interest direct to Xero.
  • Calculate Fuel Tax Credit claims utilising data direct from Xero.
  • Automate the amortisation of prepayments and black whole expenditure.
  • Leverage off client information in Xero Practice Manager to create meeting notes, phone call summaries, emails, sms, important documents and mail.
  • Keep track of your clients Business Names, ASIC key and renewals.
  • Track staff professional development in one central place
  • Track your own practice key statistics on AccountKit's easy-to-use dashboard
  • Keep your eye on ASIC lodgements with NowInfinity Corporate Messenger and BGL CAS360

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