Wrapping up 2019 – a huge year for AccountKit

4 min read
Dec 20, 2019 11:38:00 AM

As the decade draws to a close, we take a look back at what’s been an amazing year for AccountKit. Here’s just a handful of our best experiences and achievements from 2019.

Roadshows and expos and events, oh my!

We kicked off event season by criss-crossing the country for the Xero Roadshows in February. We clocked up thousands of kilometres on our travels, which was tiring but very much worth it to meet accountants and bookkeepers from all over the country and speak about what we do at AccountKit.


The Xero Scaling for Growth Workshop was also a fantastic forum where we had the chance to meet other app providers, share ideas and talk about possibilities for the future.


Next up was Accounting Business Expo where we debuted our Pick ‘n’ Mix lolly-themed stand to align with our new pricing structure. Not surprisingly, we had lots of people wander over to grab a goodie bag of lollies and find out what we’re all about!


We also headed to Accountech.Live and Xerocon, where we met some new faces and caught up with some old friends. We doubled our leads at Xerocon compared with last year, which is in big part thanks to our AcccountBit World theme – a fun take on the AccountKit brand inspired by retro 8-bit game design. Needless to say, everyone loved the theme and it was a great conversation starter!

Updates, releases & other product news

In terms of software changes, we’ve made a lot of refinements based on user feedback and updates to improve our offering:


  • New Division 7A Tool – streamlines and centralises an otherwise time-consuming and laborious process. It’s in open beta at the moment and has been very well-received so far.
  • New Amortisation Scheduler Tool – another string in the bow for streamlining otherwise manual processes.
  • Lots of new integrations – Twilio for SMS, BGL, Nimbus Portals, Sharepoint, Outlook and Gmail.
  • Significant upgrades to the Client Map tool – it’s now much faster with lots more customisation options, including icons, shapes, software logos, flexible lines and free draw mode – all enabling beautiful customised diagrams for our clients.
  • Significant upgrades to the Inter-Entity Loan Reconciliation Tool – includes new filtering and bulk/copy coding functionality.
  • Lots of other useability tweaks – including full client change audit history, a new cashflow commitments report for the Equipment Finance Tool, and save draft and auto-save functionality for the Correspondence Register.
  • Stay up to date with the latest releases from AccountKit. 



As mentioned, we also made a significant update to our pricing structure to give people the option to try different tools and choose the ones they pay for. This not only offers more flexibility but also better caters to a broad range of practice sizes, including bookkeepers, and offers support for native currencies.


2020 and beyond

Looking forward, we’ve got lots of things on the horizon that we’re really excited about. Next year, we’ll be on the ground visiting more accounting firms to better understand how we can help accountants get the most of our tools.

We’ll also be running a series of technology meet-ups to give accountants the opportunity to talk about their journeys and share ideas in a more personal setting than an expo or conference.

As always, we’ll be making more refinements to our existing tools, and we have a lot of work planned around user permissions to give users more control over who has access to what in AccountKit.

We also have some other big plans in the works but they’re top-secret at the moment – so stay tuned to find out more!

On a final note, we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s supported us this year. And to all the people we’ve met or caught up with, it’s been an absolute pleasure. See you in 2020!