Case Study: All In Advisory

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Dec 11, 2019 11:42:00 AM

All In Advisory is a fully cloud-based, automated and integrated accounting firm based in Adelaide. Founder Aly Garrett and her team of six empower businesses to achieve their goals through innovation and technology – supporting them at every stage of the journey from start-up through to growth and succession planning.

Being a paperless CA firm, utilising the right tools is critical for the All In team. Aly says it was AccountKit’s integration capabilities that first stood out.

“We’re a CA firm so we get quality and practice reviews,” she says. “It’s really important that we can stand by our working papers and that we have an ecosystem that integrates. When we were looking at what was around, we wanted something that could beef up and give us confidence in our workpapers. We’re fully cloud-based and paperless, so AccountKit just made sense.”

Since All In Advisory was established just over a year ago, AccountKit has quickly become an integral part of the firm’s ecosystem.

“AccountKit is really the superhero of our workpapers,” says Aly. “It supports us at the backend so we can support our clients. Especially with larger clients, it takes away a lot of the grunt work and makes us more efficient.”

"We've tried a few other products and swapped them out already, but AccountKit is an absolute staple for us."

Two of the most beneficial tools for All In team are the Inter-Entity Loan Reconciliation Tool and the Division 7a Calculator, which Aly says they use on a regular basis.

“We’re in the beta for the Div 7A Calculator, which we absolutely love,” she says. “Our whole team uses the inter-entity loan tool as well. Because we work with large organisations, there’s a lot of volume and large transactions. It’s really great not having to go through each loan account on each side. It’s been an absolute godsend.”

When it comes to working one-on-one with clients, the Client Map Tool helps simplify sometimes complex client business structures and entity relationships.

“One of the things we’re really keen on is our clients understanding their structures,” says Aly. “That’s where the Client Map Tool really comes in handy. We put it in our e-packs for clients and it’s like their family tree.”

All In Advisory in AccountKit:

AccountKit = The right fit

Aly says that ultimately, AccountKit is a foundational solution that helps save time, drive efficiency and build her team’s skillset.

“If you’re in a small team, you’re often scrambling to find intel when you need it and people may not be sharing their work – which can lead to inefficiencies and double-handling,” she says. “AccountKit is a really good foundation that everyone can use. It gives you enormous confidence in what you’re delivering.”

“It builds the team’s technical skills and because it integrates with Xero, it’s just one less step they have to take. If you’re low on resources and time, it’s a bolt-on that you can use straight away, and improve your levels of sophistication as you go along.”

Looking forward, Aly sees AccountKit as a key partner in All In Advisory’s growth journey.

“We work with people who culturally fit our values and AccountKit is the right fit. We have a great relationship with them. They’re responsive and if we have an issue, they talk us through it. They’ve just been fantastic.”

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